Excellency Program in Aerial and Maritime Transportation

CBO’s six main values are: respect to the human life, social and environmental responsibility, ethics and transparency, services delivery excellence, goal orientation, and valuing people. These values have been very present in our day-to-day operations, and it shows in our latest main clients’ evaluation. In Peotram, which is “Petrobras’ Excellency Program in Aerial and Maritime Transportation”, comprising the evaluation of safety, health and environmental management, CBO frequently being ranked among the Top 5 companies, from dozens of other OSV shipowners. In 2019, CBO has been graded with 92.93%.

Supplier Scorecard

Equinor, in its last “Supplier Scorecard”, has graded CBO with 4.7 out of 6, in the 2016 evaluation cycle. The company’s highlights were in HSE, Delivery and Cost, which were evaluated as “Strong”. During the last seven years operating to Statoil, CBO has received many prizes and other recognitions mostly linked to safety in operations.

Excellence and safety in operations

Enauta has recognized the vessels CBO Anita and CBO Carolina for the excellence and safety in operations during the drilling campaign in Atlanta Field in 2019. The vessels had zero downtime and zero incidents during the whole contract duration.

Blue Riband

CBO also has its own annual excellence program called Fita Azul (“Blue Riband”), through which the company engage, highlight and reward the vessels with the highest scores in Safety, HR, Operational Procedures and Maintenance. This program implemented a methodology that encourages the crew members to always seek operational excellence and better results.