In 1998, with the trend of oil exploration in deep waters and, consequently, at greater distances from the coast, CBO started to invest in the renewal and modernization of its fleet, in order to adapt it to increasingly complex operations.

In 2004, in order to guarantee the construction of new vessels within the necessary deadlines and in the company’s quality standards, CBO acquired a shipyard and made investments in its industrial park that would allow it to meet these deadlines and standards.

In 2013 the company was acquired by two Private Equity funds, – Vinci Partners and Pátria – in partnership with BNDES Par – establishing an aggressive growth plan by expanding its fleet with the construction of its shipyards.

The company celebrated in 2019 the acquisition of the PSV 4500 CBO Supporter, the first foreign vessel in its fleet, representing a major milestone for the Group, and showing its growth potential in the maritime support segment not only in Brazil, but also outside the country.”