Training center

In line with the rapid growth in the complexity of offshore operations and the quality of service standards of our customers, CBO has its own Training Center (“CT”) that trained over 3000 seafarers.
At CT, our team participates in work safety training, technical training, on-board simulations and some special training according to the needs of our customers.

Simulator: technology as a differential in development

Opened in June 2013, our simulator was inspired by the most modern simulation centers around the world, such as the Rolls-Royce Marine Training Center and the Offshore Simulator Center located in Norway, and the MARIN’s Nautical Center located in the Netherlands. The main concepts applied in the simulation were adapted and customized to the needs and experiences of our operations.

In the Simulator, our nautical officers can experiment with learning techniques that maximize all content taught in classes.

By simulating ship operations, it is possible to reduce learning time on board by more than 50%.