Training Center

CBO has its own Training Center (“CT”) that accomplished the training of over 3000 seafarers.


Technology as differential in the development.

Ethics and transparency

Recognition and ethics in the offshore sector.


Efficiency and productivity, respecting the main quality, safety, health and environment standards.


In 2019, the Company obtained GPTW certification – “Great Place To Work”.

Excellence and safety in operations

Excellence and safety in operations. Safety first.


This is CBO’s fleet, composed of modern and flexible vessels. The fleet was designed by high-level designers according to the main E&P areas in the world including North Sea. In addition, the support of engineering and procurement expertise in house ensures excellence in the choice of suppliers, and consequently the high-quality end product and operations:

1 AHTS 15000
6 AHTS 18000
8 PSV 4500
9 PSV 3000
5 OSRV (Oil Recovery)